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About me

Hi! I'm Coco (1).png
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My real name is Princess, but everyone calls me Coco, I prefer Coco! 

I'll share a little background about myself. I was born in Ivory Coast. My family moved to America in 2003, and ever since, I have been living in Houston. I have always been physically very active. In elementary school I played soccer, in middle school, I played basketball and volleyball. In my 8th grade year I tried out for the varsity cheerleading team, and I ended up making the team I was a cheerleader for about two years, I really loved cheering, especially the outfits, learning new cheers, dancing, and going to basketball games.  You can say I was pretty athletic. I was the little girl that always played with dolls and dressed them up, I was obsessed with the Bratz dolls, I had the movie, the dolls, the Bratz backpack, etc, you name it!  I thought I was Sasha, haha, I believe playing with dolls shape me into the fashion girl I am, the Bratz dolls were all about FASHION! 

     I graduated high school in 2017 from Elsik High school. When I graduated high school I didn't have a plan and didn't know what to do next, I knew I didn't want to go to college just yet, I didn't know what I wanted to study and did not want to waste my time. I started working and digging into different things to see what worked for me, I attended a makeup class in August 2017 (Glam Lab) receive my certificate, and graduated. I started practicing on my sisters to better my skills, and a few months down the line I started taking clients, I had a pretty good number of clients, and I ended up being one of my client personal makeup artists, working with her regularly I saw that fashion and makeup expertise improves the total look. As time went by I started exploring elsewhere and using my other talents, like doing hair, In 2019 I decided to go to Cosmetology school, while attending cosmetology school (Ogle beauty school) I was taught how to properly cut hair and dye hair, and so many different skills that I’ll use for a lifetime.  2020 I decided to attend college, Attending college has been bittersweet, I have my days, but I'm excited about what the future holds for me and all the new skills I’ll develop along the way.

  My love for fashion began in elementary school. I always took pride in dressing nice and looking my best at a very young age. fashion is a huge part of my life.  The two things that I have never played about are my outfits and hair. My greatest gifts are a unique sense of style and the ability to put pieces together and make something beautiful.
I love doing different things with my clothes and posing in front of the camera. Fashion has always been an escape for me, when nothing is going right in my life, I play dress up and pretend for a second that everything is okay.  I firmly believe that your sense of style defines you and depicts who you are to the world. There’s a difference between fashion and style, fashion to me is trendy and style identifies an individual and is timeless. I’ll say over the years my style has changed tremendously, I’m not one who follows trends, don’t get me wrong some trends are cute, but I believe if you follow every trend you lose your individual style. I’ll always say to stay true to who you are and wear whatever makes you comfortable, that’s what I’ve always done. I shop at different places and explore different styles, expanding my taste and not limiting myself to just one style. To stand out, you need to understand your style and be confident with it. I’m here to share style tips, digging deep so you can also find your personal style, exploring different styles, putting together different pieces, and taking risks with fashion! that's all it's about being true to yourself. So if you want to make a mark and look unique, I can help you with that! being comfortable with yourself, while on a budget!
I am excited to share this moment with you guys and for you guys to experience this with me. Something beautiful is in work.

God saved my life in ways that I can’t explain. For the last 3 years, I was experiencing life with no divine purpose. During this journey, my life felt like a horror movie given that I was living under the shadows of fear. However, I am grateful that I experience those things because it took me on the path of self-discovery. I learned a lot about myself and what I was passionate about. I prayed and asked God to guide me and point me to the path he created for me. That led me to my true passion—Fashion!

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