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Colorful and appealing night-out outfit

Getting ready for a night out with my girls is something that I truly enjoy and always happily look forward to. Lots of laughter, dancing, and good times are just some of the things that we do together on those nights out. As a fashion lover, I love to dress up and glam up for the night out, so this is an outfit that is easy, colorful, and appealing and will definitely catch eyes. So if you need a bit of styling inspo, this look you can easily serve.

Color is the focus of this outfit so I choose this coat in vivid tangerine. It is from a thrift store and it is absolutely gorgeous. I styled it with a plain white top, which was originally a regular shirt that I turned into a crop top. The vintage shorts feature a colorful print, with strong colors. I bought it from a vintage shop in LA a couple of years ago. They were knee-length which I converted into a shorter, more flattering version for me. The bag is also from the thrift shop.

I love playing with colors, so don’t be afraid to go into a bold color outfit and explore a new fashion version of yourself.


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